Custom Plugin / MOD / Extension Development

Make your forum work how you wanted it to work!

Adding a greater degree of indulgence and customization capability to your forum, the Custom Plugin / Mod / Extension Development serve as the perfect catalyst for its diversification. Most Forum platforms are unquestionably the de facto best platform of its age and it does toss at you an unbridled set of remarkable features and capabilities. However, at times, when you are in need of something more specific, Forum platforms offers you that as a package consisting of a lot of unnecessary fluff. At other times, you simply can’t find it. That’s when our powerful and virile custom plugin development come into the fray.

Paying close attention to details, and registering your requirements in the most elaborative fashion, ForumCube develops plugins that help you avoid the sweat-soaked exercise of writing long-winding codes for injecting certain attributes to the site. We confer you with products that can bolster your forums’s security; speed it up; boost social media connectivity; make it more SEO optimized, create room for customizable widgets, etc. Our suite of plugins give you the wherewithal to be flamboyant when you need to be flamboyant, and be restrained when subtlety is what you want your website to flaunt.

Custom Plugin Service includes

Custom Development
We develop plugins by injecting features that work in perfect unison with your requirements. Redundancy does not find a place in our solutions.

Bug Free
With close attention to detail and an unflinching commitment to quality, we run several pre-delivery test loops to ensure not a single glitch remains.

Buoyed by their across-the-board skills and all-inclusive experience, our developers create unique and exceptionally versatile plugins.

Free Support
All our projects get free support period based on the requirements which will start once you start using our products on your live website. This ensures that you get best for your money and peace of mind!