Forum Transfer & Migration

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Over the years working with different forums and bulletin board platforms we’ve seen many customers wanted to move to different platform from where they originally started and they got different reasons for this but only problem they faced before coming to ForumCube is its not easy and data loss risk is high.

Forum Transfer & Migration Services are designed to help our customers to move to new platform without disturbing your traffic. We promise zero data loss and always keep restore points at multiple levels of this process. ForumCube’s strong network and infrastructure also ensures that live forum and data is not at risk. We always perform a test transfer / migration for approval and analysing the data from our client before doing the actual transfer.

Our Process

Data Analysis
We understand that every forum is different and got different types of customizations. So our team perform complete data and application analysis to decide the plan of action. This plan is shared with our clients at initial level for approval.

Restore Points / Backups
Let’s be honest, this process is actually risky and things go wrong easily. So we eliminate this risk by taking multiple backups at different points to make sure we always go back to from where we started.

Test Environment
After complete planning and analysis of your data we move to this step where your live forum gets replicated on our servers where our team will perform all the next operations. We call this dry-run mode where actual migration process gets implemented on test data. This ensures that live site does not get any downtime.

Final Migration
Once we verify that everything is working how it should be in previous steps we move to this step where the same process is performed on live site.

Minimal Downtime
Our state of the art process and experience help us to minimize the downtime to 80% and in many cases this comes down to few minutes disruption to the live traffic.

Free Support
Like all other ForumCube service, we offer free support period with this service as well to make sure that our team is here to help you if you need assistance with anything after moving to the platform.

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