Update Forum Services

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Are you looking to update forum to latest version and need realible way to do it? You’ve reached to the right place!

Everybody knows in web industry that keeping your applications and extensions running on web server is very important but very few actually do this!

This simple process is actually simple for small community or someone who doesn’t care about data loss but if you got good community and you really care about forum’s data then this process is scary and bit long as well.

ForumCube is proudly maintaining more then 200 forums for our clients and we take care of upgrades and security for them. Our ‘Update forum service’ process is very much tested and risk free. Our great server infrastructure and support from different experts from our team always make this process fun for our client. So what’s the actual process for forum update that we follow and what this service really includes?

Update Forum Service includes

Full backup
Let’s face it, no matter what application or platform you’re using for your forums, things can be easily broken during the upgrade and the real nightmare is when you don’t know how to get back to previous position. So our team always focuses on storing current site in safe place with database and files, so we can get it restored in case of any accident or problem during upgrade.

We don’t just take backup but we fully test it and verify its what that can be restored back to the server in case of trouble. Our admins can restore website back to original state in just 5 minutes due to our own big infrastructure on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Dry-run / Test
If your website is customized and you’ve got few extensions installed then you might need to worry about this compatibility of your current customizations with new version of your current platform. Sounds difficult?

No, its really simple! if you’ve ordered your service with us we will create clone of your current website in one of our server and then do the test upgrade to check the compatibility issues. We will fix any easily fixable issues and let you know the detail results of our findings.

You can access this test site to play around and once you’re satisfied we can move forward.

Theme / Template / Skin Compatibility
We know that using any application out of the box not always suites your brand or community. So we need to do some work that can represent us better. If you’ve got custom or pre-made design on your current forum then it might get issues with new versions but as ForumCube upgrade services are here to make your life easier, we will completely test it on test and fix any incompatibility before upgrading. Yes, we always test your current design with new version as usually there is some work required to make your current style compatible with new version. So our team will make sure you get most out of new design without breaking it.

If you’re using any pre-made style then that require update of your theme as well during this upgrade process. We will take care of this for you as well within this service.

Plugins / Extensions / Modules Compatibility
As you know, with some facial changes there are good chances that your forum might get some changes in functionality as well using custom extensions. We always check new version of your platform against all customizations before doing actual upgrade on live website.

No downtime
Does all above process sounds bit long and you might be afraid of downtime during this process. At ForumCube we always make sure that live traffic does not gets effected by this upgrade services. So our team performs all above process on secondary domain or server. Once we do dry run and make sure everything is how it should be, then we ask your approval to repeat the same process on live website.

80% forum applications do not face downtime of even a minute during our upgrade process. Its just really big forums and boards those take some time in processing the upgrade process but we minimize that as well with our best techniques and tactics.

14 days Free Support
We love our customers and believe that our customers should get the most out of all our services. So like all other services we offer 14 days free support with single order upgrade order. Sometimes platforms do release a follow up patch or upgrade if they find something bad about recent upgrade and our experience shows that mostly happens at recent upgrade release. If this happens, you don’t need to pay again! Our service will cover any new update that comes out within these 14 days of free support.