vBulletin Services & Support

vBulletin™ is the world leader in forum and community publishing software. Customers have created vibrant communities for over 10 years on vBulletin’s stable and mature platform. Developed with security, powerful administration features and speed in mind, it serves over 40,000 online communities its one of the world’s most popular forum software yet.

ForumCube is providing vBulletin services from last 7 years and it’s been a great journey working with this platform. We’ve got trained and experienced experts for vBulletin solutions and we as a team served more then 2000 clients in recent years. Our team got big client portfolio with many active profiles on different freelancing and outsourcing platforms as well. Our client’s satisfaction with our vbulletin service can be easily seen from testimonials that they gave us on these platforms.

vBulletin 3 Services

This is first vBulletin version from where we started our journey with this platform. Our core team members started designing templates for this great vBulletin version which is still serving thousands of communities.

vBulletin 4 Services

When vBulletin 4 was released many of existing clients wanted to move to this version and of course we got many new orders as well. This started pretty rough but we found that vBulletin 4 is also one of the great forum platforms out there. Soon our clients and team started to love this. We expanded our services from template designing to plugin development with addition of senior and experienced developers in our team.

vBulletin 5 Services

In 2013 when we started to hear news of this new platform with much advance features and interface, we were bit scared as vBulletin community is not usually open for such drastic change but it turned out a really big step in the future. vBulletin 5 connect, provided power of previous version, modern interface and stability to clients.